Our operations comply with the ADC Consensus
Standards for Commercial Diving Operations, and
with OSHA & USCG Regulations.

Inspection - Repair - Maintenance
Underwater Consultants International, Inc. (UCI) was formed in the early 1990’s by the former senior managers of one of the world’s largest underwater services companies. Our management has been engaged in the underwater business since the mid 1970’s working in such diverse settings as the oil and gas fields of the North Sea to the inland lakes and rivers of the USA. We have some of the most experienced and respected employees in the market, including engineers, technicians, project managers, consultants and specialized divers. Since its inception, UCI has performed a wide variety of contracts for both government and industrial clients.

6428 Bartz Road | Lockport, NY 14094
(phone) 716-439-5456 | (fax) 716-433-3896
UCI is a specialized services firm.
While we have the ability to perform almost any underwater project, we prefer to concentrate on these particular areas
  • Underwater structure inspection, repair and maintenance
  • Underwater construction inspection & project management
  • Hazardous material diving
  • Hydrographic survey and pipeline depth of burial survey
  • Tunnel and confined space support & rescue services (for our confined space rescue and support services please see our other website at ConfinedSpaceRescueServices.com)